A New Approach To Shopping

The social e-commerce app that has modernized online shopping

The Mall Design

Our intuitive design allows users to seamlessly browse, discover, and shop distinctive brands and products, while simultaneously giving users the power to share their favorite styles and trends with their friends. Upcoming brands have the opportunity share their unique cultures with users as well as capitalize on their sociability. We benefit from all the success the brands have, leading to the potential for exponential growth.

Why The Mall

Instagram and other social media platforms are not places of business, as their shopping and advertising effectiveness have been blown out of proportion by an influx of fake accounts. The Mall looks to bring back the value of the “like” and the “follow”. Today, anyone can buy likes and followers on Instagram which skews the reality of the brands popularity or success.


The Mall capitalizes on stimuli that influence consumer buying habits that are not utilized in the traditional e-commerce format. Our app has revitalized the social experience of shopping that has been lost in the transition from brick and mortar stores to online shopping.


Third Party Integration

We use Stripe as a third party payment processing firm.
We provide a Shopify plug-in for direct integration between your Shopify account and store profile on The Mall.

The Mall, Inc.